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Norton antivirus is well-known anti-virus software which provides all round solutions for variety of security related problems. There are hundreds of products under Norton antivirus which cater to the needs of different types of customers. Both professional and domestic users have wide range of products to choose from to meet their vast needs. However, it is not uncommon that plenty of issues come up with the performance of Norton antivirus which requires expert solutions. The technical support team of Norton antivirus takes care of the issues in the efficient manner. With third party Antivirus customer support team, customers can get instant solutions for any problem that report.
Here are some common issues Norton technical support through the course of daily business.

Norton anti-virus not responding

This problem is often reported by the customers when they find that the anti-virus is not responding or not scanning on scheduled periods. There can be many issues related to the problem. First we will look at some of the possible causes that may be preventing Norton Antivirus from providing require protection to your computer.

  • There were errors while downloading the program
  • There were errors while installation of the program
  • The installation process was paused and then continued.
  • The computer was not restarted after installation.
  • One or more components of the anti-virus have corrupted.
  • The license agreement of Norton antivirus has expired.


  • To resolve this problem you have to clean uninstall the anti-virus from your computer.
  • In order to clean uninstall the program, you have to download the tool kit meant for un-installation of the software. Once you download it, install it in your computer. It will help you to uninstall every component of the anti-virus from your computer and prevent future errors when you install the software again.
  • After the un-installation has completed reboot your system. Now, download the anti-virus from the website of Norton. Here, you will need to provide your license number which you would have received through email upon the purchase of the product. In case, you don’t have the license number you can retrieve it from the official website of Norton antivirus. If you need any help on this front contact us by dialling our Norton antivirus toll-free number.
  • In case your license agreement is over, you will need to renew the agreement by making payments required for the product. When you do so you will receive a new license agreement code, and you have to register with the new code.
  • After, you are able to download the product you need in your computer, run it to install it. Reboot your system and you are good to go.
Problems in signing into Norton Identity Safe vault

In this issue customers are asked to provide their credentials even after they have entered everything correctly. It continues to happen and customers cannot get into Norton Identity Safe vault. Here is how to resolve the problem:

  • First, restart your computer. This can resolve your problem without doing anything more
  • Exit all the documents and programs that are running in your computer
  • Restart your computer.
If the problem continues go to the next solution.
  • Open your Norton product.
  • At the top right corner of the screen you will find your name. Click on the username.
  • The username will appear only if you have entered the product with your credentials.
  • In the sign out section choose OK.
  • In the main product window under the identity tab, choose identity safe.
  • Again, in the get started window choose sign in.
  • In the box that appears you have to enter your credentials and then click sign in.
  • In the vault closed window, enter your Norton identify safe vault password and then click OK.

In case you are not able to resolve the problem related to your credentials, and continue to face the problem, get in touch with Norton antivirus Customer care Number. We are available 24 hours and to 365 days over the toll-free helpline number and any customer can reach us by just dialling this number. We can assure our customers of full proof remedies even in case of the most complicated and difficult issues. If you want step by step solutions, or are more comfortable with chatting you can also chat with us whenever you want.

I cannot find my Norton product after I upgraded to windows 10
  • To resolve this problem we recommend customers to download the fix tool. The download file should be saved to desktop.
  • After that right click on the Windows10NortonUpgrader.exe file on the desktop and choose run as administrator.
  • The installation prompt window will now appear and you have to choose next.
  • Just follow the onscreen instructions one by one. This will help you to complete the installation process correctly and without any errors.
  • If you do not see the installation from prompt window you have to go to the next step.
  • In this situation you have to download the Norton products from Norton website.
  • The procedure will differ a bit if you are trying to download the product from your account and when you want to download the product in your device.

We recommend our customers to get in touch with Norton antivirus technical support number and get step by step solutions in case they are not able to locate their program after they upgrade their operating system. Sometimes, some of the components of the software may get corrupted and may no longer work in accordance with the requirement of the upgraded operating system. The customers may need to clean uninstall the Norton antivirus from their computer and then reinstall the version of the product that is appropriate for the new windows 10.

I cannot start by Norton product
  • First you we have to stop all the programs running in your computer
  • Restart your computer.
  • This is the most common solution, and many of the problems go only by just doing these two steps. However, if the problem persists you have to go to the next step.
  • Uninstall any Norton product installed in your computer.
  • After that you have to download and run Norton Remove and Reinstall tool.
  • Download the Norton Remove and Reinstall tool and save it to the desktop.
  • Now you have to press together ctrl+ J and then double click NRnR.
  • Now read the license agreement and select Agree.
  • Now choose remove and uninstall.
  • Now choose continue or remove.
  • After that select restart now.
  • After your computer restarts successfully, go through the step by step instructions and install your Norton product.

However, if you still cannot resolve the issues on your own, or need more assistance it is best to get in touch with our technical support team available over the toll-free Norton Helpline Number.


We are capable of forwarding quality solutions in case of any trouble related to Norton antivirus and all other products offered by Norton. Our well-rounded solutions are tried and tested and customers can depend on them easily. The technical support team offers the best possible remedies because we work and continuously on the problems raised by the customers and develop quality remedies which are most suitable for the problems reported.